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MetaFit provides you with a personal choice of what you need to become healthier than ever.

  1. Assessments
    Assessments include a measurement of your living patterns and eating, personal recommendations, and goal setting session with a health coach. Start first with a baseline measurement. From there you choose the number of comprehensive assessment packages you need and when.
  2. Lifestyle Change Cycles
    Lifestyle Change Cycles
    Change weak areas of living into strengths. Lifestyle Change Cycles provide you with a personal health coach who's dedicated to enabling you to reach your goals. MetaFit's personalized coaching blends the science of body and mind with effective skills for attaining the healthy life you want to live.
  3. Ongoing Coaching
    Ongoing Coaching
    Keep progressing with on going accountability. Ongoing coaching is a monthly subscription for as long as you need. You choose from packages of 3-6-9 months of targeted coaching. Additional assessments and services such as diet plans, personal training programs, and stress management are available at your request.
Lifestyle Change Cycles Include:
  • Baseline assessment
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Goal setting session with your health coach
  • 10-wks of targeted coaching
  • Weekly accountability with phone calls 
  • Mid-way face-to-face meeting
  • Unlimited email/text support
  • Retest with comparative analysis of changes
Ongoing Coaching Includes:
  • Personalized Strategy for new health goals
  • 30-minute coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email/text support
  • Private Facebook group membership
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Discounts on retests
  • Timely health resources
Assessment Reports Include:
  • Baseline lifestyle monitoring
  • Nutrition analysis for daily living
  • Resting metabolic rate test
  • Bio-Impedance body composition
  • Personalized recommendations
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