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  1. Going the distance in surviving breast cancer!
    08 Oct, 2015
    MetaFit Solutions Goes Cruising for Breast Cancer!
    Every woman's fear is that she will find out she has breast cancer or some other form of cancer.  It's frightening. It's life change.  It's a long haul of change forced upon you.  And when this occurs most people and their families are not prepared to deal with the changes and financial hardships the disease presents. That's what inspired my sister Nancy and I to do something positive for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Nancy, who lives in St Petersburg Florida, heard about the great work The
  2. Start living a healthier life today!
    06 Sep, 2015
    Start living a healthier life today!
    We all struggle with maintaining the right mix of balance in our lives.  No one is immune.  But there is a solution.  The problem is that it's so hard to keep everything in a good working order that adds up to the health you want.  Not the number of things that need to get done.  So how do you begin if you aren't there already?  And more importantly, keep it going.   The MetaFit blog is dedicated to providing you with the space to clear you mind, reorder priorities and know how to refresh